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For those, who likes to have holiday with family and friends, we offer private excursions on every preference. Trip on the island is going by comfortable cars or mini buses with accompaniment by professional guides.


Ordering a private tour, you can be  confident that route will be planned according to your preferences and all questions will have  their answers . Private tour is totally dedicated for the tourist.


Many people think that private tour is a luxury thing. In many cases the total price can be divided into all participants of tour – it is very profitably  when you are traveling with friends.

When private guide services are particularly important?

First of all, those people who have little time can estimate advantages of private guide. This categories includes business travelers, who value every single minute. On the other side, if the destination is very popular, professional guide will give you all necessary information.

About our guides:

All our guides have a license of Cyprus Tourism Organization. They are professionals who know local places, language and customs. They will tell and show to you many interesting things which are  associated with a traditional flavor, as well as current trends and features of the country.

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Main advantages of travelling with private guide.

Route flexibility

During the trip with a group of tourists You have to follow a prescribed route, which may not correspond to the interests of others travellers. The client is given as much time as it would be sufficient for him , rather than for a guide or for tour operator.


Usually , when there are 50 tourists in the group excursions , you simply don’t have  time to ask your question. When you order services of professional guide, you can be confident that route will be planned according to the client’s wishes , and all questions will have their answers. Private tour is totally dedicated for the tourist , for his pace and rhythm. This option is suitable  for curious travelers, who want to pay the money and get the maximum of  information.

Economy of time, money and nerves

Large  tour groups move slowly and that’s why  you can not explore a lot of attractions. Private guide (if he has license) in mostly cases has a rule to take his client into museums and other places without staying in the queue. Besides, everybody knows how much time it takes  to pick up tourists from the hotel. Excess hour in the route is undesirable, especially after long flight.

Private guide can organize individual transfer , there are a lot of advantages. Many people think  that private guide’s services are very expensive. But  you will save money, because you can divide the total amount  into all participants of the tour. Especially, it is profitable when you are traveling with friends. The other side – to keep your nerves in  a good condition. Private services is a huge advantage for those tourists who don’t speak foreign languages. Private guide, who is a local citizen, It can show the unique attractions that can not be shown for  tourists group excursions,  even including the  recommendation  of good  restaurants.

Safety. If  you have to travel alone, and without the knowledge of the language and the city, there is a danger of losing or just do not get  the enjoyment  of the  travel. For the help always comes a private guide, which organizes transfer and route in an unfamiliar country and help establish contact with the locals.


Trust our professional guides and we can guarantee you will satisfied of their services !

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